Motor Insurers’ Bureau invites to immediate cooperation


Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) and Insurance Companies are ready to cooperate with state institutions in order to ensure the connection between the MTPLI policies and the violations of the road traffic regulations committed by the drivers.
Already last year there have been talks about the connection between the MTPLI policy’s price and the violations of road traffic regulations and on several meetings this idea was supported by the respective ministries and institutions, as well as the insurers themselves. Even though the actual implementation of the system is delayed by the lacking normative basis, the MIB has entered into negotiations and has obtained an oral agreement on cooperation with the Road Traffic Safety Directorate, State Technical Monitoring Agency and the Information Centre of the Ministry for the Interior about the acquisition of the necessary information for evaluation of insurance risk.
Violation points for administrative violations of the road traffic regulations, including driving under the influence of alcohol, psycho toxic, psychotropic or other intoxicating substance, are registered in the state register of motor vehicles and drivers. This register is maintained by the Road Traffic Safety Directorate, based on the data from the Penalty register, which, in turn, is sustained by the Information Centre of the Ministry for the Interior.
The successful implementation of the tie-up between violations of the Traffic Regulations and Motor TPLI policies would be possible within approximately 2 or 3 months.
The data from the Road Traffic Safety Department and Information Centre registers about the violations in road traffic done by persons and the violation register (penalty) points could give the thorough information to the insurance companies for increasing or reducing of the insurance premiums and setting the risk factor of the vehicle drivers.
Still there is a difficulty. MIB of Latvia could receive the information only if there would be the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers that determine the procedure of the information transfer and its quantity. The draft “Regulations on collaboration in exchange of information in Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability insurance for inland motor vehicle owners” has been elaborated.
Unfortunately the further progress of the draft Regulations to harmonization and approval in the Cabinet of Ministers has stopped at the question of financing, that is necessary to implement the draft Regulations and the further advancement is not predictable. Therefore MIB of Latvia appeals for the immediate collaboration not expecting the coming into force of the Provisions in order to enable the owners of the vehicles to pay for the MTPLI policies corresponding to how carefully they observed the road traffic regulations.
MIB of Latvia has requested the opinion on above mentioned questions of the Minister for the Interior Mr Ēriks Jēkabsons and Minister for Transport Mr Ainars Šlesers. PDF

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